Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take Insurance?

Yes! I take Anthem Blue Cross 

Are you a licensed therapist?

- As an associate therapist I am not a licensed therapist yet but am working towards that licensure through working with clients and being mentored and supervised by supervising therapist Nicole Shannon, LCSW.

What does MFT and PCC mean?

MFT is short for Marriage, Family Therapy - specializing in counseling knowledge and techniques that are specifically developed for individuals, married couples, and whole families.

PCC is short for Professional Clinical Counseling - this is counseling and interventions master's-level mental health service providers, trained to work with individuals, families, and groups in treating mental, behavioral, and emotional problems and disorders.

How long does a therapy session last?

A typical therapy session will last for 50 - 60 minutes, although it can go longer if there is an issue of safety or crisis.

What is your availability?

Right now I am availably Tuesday and Thursday evenings - be sure to email directly to find out what time slots are most currently available.