First Drafts

August 9, 2017

I wanted to try something a little different this week, I have been growing in confidence to share some of my “work” and I don’t want this to be  “story time with DJ” every time so we are getting creative this week! I like to come to this coffee shop, Intelligensia, you’ve heard or seen me talk bout it before – I have a strange love affair with this place. Anyway, along my journey, I don’t quite remember who taught me this, but I learned a creative exercise a while back where you find an inspiring place, some good music, and slowly allow yourself to get in deep in the right side of your brain. The left hemisphere of your brain is responsible for the right side of your body and the logical side of life like science & math, while the right hemisphere is responsible for the left side of your body and creative tasks. It takes time to slow down and operate there but it’s a lot of fun when it happens. It’s something I’ve done over the years and seen how it has helped me to grow and mature as a writer and an artist. I did this today and what is written below is a “first draft”. It hasn’t been edited; it hasn’t been adjusted in any way, I'm not even sure if you can call it a poem, maybe just as story but what you’re reading is what came straight from my head. I’ll definitely be editing it later and working on making it a more cemented piece in my pocket but I wanted to share a piece of my process, I’m always interested in how writers and creatives go about their craft and maybe you are too. 



It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

I watched it all the time in movies.

See it in paintings; but I never thought I’d be at the helm.

The way she sat you’d swear she was the prettiest one there.

When I saw her, my eyes went straight to the sky.

There…her wings met me.

Captain said there was no other like her, a thing he loved most.

All the advances in the world and he still preferred the old way.

Salt water was the blood in his veins, that’s what he told us anyway.

As we pushed off I could feel the sea’s sigh of relief,

Like the water had been waiting to hold its lover

There was weightlessness in how she could glide

Waving to the shore for we were off to discover new worlds.

Many a sailor yearned for the stories she would soon regale

Leaving the bay like the rocks were unfolding their arms to let this child go.

She was timid at first,

Didn’t want to rush by and ignore the stories the water’s edge had to tell.

It wasn’t all of the sudden

But if you weren’t paying attention you would’ve missed it.

All the world held it’s breath, everything fell silent.

“Listen” said the captain, “you can hear my dear’s heart beat in her sails”

With a deep breath from her chest she began to unfurl her wings.

They were magnificent as the wind filled them and we took flight.

We were in a dance, a trance, in the middle of this expression of romance.

God’s creation and man’s creativity - something of beauty flowing from this tension.

We were flying, above an earth refusing taming.

She sang, her voice the ropes strung tight –

She didn’t need a compass for she delighted in the bravery

Holding the wheel was something like confining a bird to a cage

She was destined for this and we knew it

This wasn’t madness – this was something more powerful.

This was purpose. This was calling, realized in its purest form.

I was jealous of how effortless it seemed to be.

Oh if I could only bottle it up and keep it forever.

But it would be a nearly unforgivable sin…

For purpose was never supposed to be kept in cages.




The last line is my favorite….

Let me know what you think! I believe I’ve said it before but I want to make this about us and not about me so if you’re willing, give this exercise a try and let me know how it goes! And if you’re feeling extra bold – email me a copy! ( 

I love seeing what happens when we engage with our creativity.


I appreciate you and the time you took to hang for a little while.


With all the love in my heart,



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